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31st Aug 2014

In order to join WWW, you must be a member on Madfinger Forums and should have some sort of interaction with a WWW player. You may apply and then play some games with a WWW but it would stronglyhelp you to do so in advance. 

Should you wear the WWW tag before being reviewed, then we will immediately discard your application and you will have to wait another month to apply. Be warned, Clan hoppers will not even be considered, so please make sure you have a good clan history. 

The entry form is as follows:
1) Your in game nickname, username (if you don't mind making it public), and current rank
2) What region(s) (America/EU/Asia) you typically play in
3) Which weapons/play style you like to use
4) How you heard about WWW / why you think this is the right clan for you
5) List any clans that you were previously a member of and why you left
6) If you have any conflict with a member of this clan
7) Link to your Madfinger Forums profile
8) Your best 30+ kills screenshots in Zone Control
9) Any additional details (google+ email address)

All applicants are required to post on their application form at least once every two weeks, though anyone who doesn't post every second to third day will be in a massive disadvantage. Please hop over to the applications area to apply to our clan.

Last Edit: 31st Aug 2014 by WWW
Forum » Forums » Recruitment Locked
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